14.9. Resources

A resource is any file that assists with the presentation, such as CSS stylesheets, images, applets, movies, MP3s, etc. Resources are organized under the resources folder under your module's folder:

    dojo/                - for Dojo-specific javascript
[Note] Internet Explorer CSS Limitations

Internet Explorer (IE) has a limitation of directly loading up to 31 CSS stylesheets. As Chronicle has many optional modules and themes, each with their own styles, it is very easy to reach or exceed this limitation. When this occurs, any additional stylesheets are not loaded and the styling of your site will be incorrect. Please see Eric Law's IEInternals blog posting for more details.

To mitigate this limitation, Chronicle will automatically aggregate or consolidate stylesheets for production or development modes respectively. In production mode, all stylesheets are aggregated into a single stylesheet to minimize the web requests and improve cache behaviour. In development mode, stylesheets are consolidated into style blocks that use the @import CSS rule when the site is accessed via Internet Explorer. Microsoft allows up to 31 such style blocks that can each include up to 31 @import rules.

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