14.11. Validators

A validator compares data to a set of requirements and returns a boolean value indicating its validity. Place validator class files in the validators folder under your module's folder.

Here is the skeleton of a validator that performs validation bar for the Foo module:

 * Validator description
 * @copyright   copyright info
 * @license     license info
 * @version     version info
class Foo_Validator_Bar implements Zend_Validate_Abstract
    const NOTBAR = 'notbar';

    protected $_messageTemplates = array(
        self::NOTBAR = "The value is not bar"

     * Validates values for bar-ness.
     * @param   mixed       $value  The value to be validated.
     * @return  boolean     True if the value is bar, false otherwise.
    public function isValid($value)

        // if bar, return true
        if (isset($value) && is_string($value) && $value === 'bar') {
            return true;

        // not bar, return false
        return false;

For details, see the Zend Framework documentation.

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