10.2. Folder Structure

Perforce Chronicle themes are comprised of layouts, view scripts, stylesheets, JavaScript, images and other multimedia files. All of these resources are contained in a folder whose name identifies the theme.

The theme folder can be placed in two locations within the Chronicle hierarchy, identified below as CMSDIR, depending on whether the theme should be available to all hosted sites, or to just a single particular site.

The structure of the folder that contains a theme is, by default, as follows:

helpers/                - contains view helpers
images/                 - contains images
layouts/                - contains layout view scripts
scripts/                - contains JavaScript files
styles/                 - contains CSS stylesheets
   module/              - contains view scripts for a specific module
      controller/       - contains view scripts for a specific controller
         action.phtml   - a view script for a specific action
icon.png                - the theme's icon
theme.ini               - configuration file
Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814