8.3. Comment Configuration

To configure comments for a content entry:

  1. Navigate to the content entry for which you wish to configure comments.
  2. Click Edit in the Chronicle toolbar to begin editing.
  3. Click the Comments button in the toolbar.

    The comments configuration dialog appears:
  4. Adjust the comment configuration:
    Allow Comments
    When checked, comments for this content entry are allowed. This is the default.
    Require Login to Post
    When checked, only authenticated users may comment. Requires Allow Comments.
    Require Approval
    When checked, comments are not immediately viewable until a user with the Moderate Comments privilege approves them. Requires Allow Comments.
    Show Comments
    When checked, allows comments to be displayed beneath the content entry. This is the default. Requires Allow Comments.
    Require Login to View
    When checked, only authenticated users may see comments beneath the content entry. Requires Show Comments.
    Allow Voting
    When checked, allows users to vote on displayed comments. This is the default. Requires Show Comments.
    One Vote Per-User
    When checked, users may only vote once on a comment. This is the default. Requires Allow Voting.
  5. Click Save to save your content and the updated comment configuration.
Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814