Chapter 8. Comments

8.1. Overview
8.2. Managing Comments
8.3. Comment Configuration
8.4. Adding Comments
8.5. Voting on Comments
8.6. Approving, Rejecting, or Pending Comments
8.7. Deleting Comments

8.1. Overview

Comments are an optional Perforce Chronicle feature that allows your web site's audience to provide feedback for the content they see. You can choose to:

  • allow or disallow comments individually for any content entry
  • require users to be logged in to comment
  • display or hide comments when the associated content entry is viewed
  • hide comments unless they are approved, or the user is authenticated
  • allow voting on comments
  • restrict voting to once per user per content entry, if voting is allowed

Authenticated users automatically have their userid associated with their comments. Unauthenticated users need to provide a name and optionally an email address, as well as successfully satisfy a CAPTCHA to prevent automated commenting. For both types of users, if their email address is registered at, their custom avatar graphic is displayed alongside their comment.

[Note] The Comment Module Must Be Enabled

The Comments module must be enabled to use the commenting features. Please refer to Section 19.3, “Enabling and Disabling Modules”.

Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814