8.5. Voting on Comments

To vote on a comment:

  1. Navigate to the content entry that contains a comment you wish to vote on, and scroll down to the Comments listed near the bottom of the page.
  2. If you like the comment, click the arrow pointing up, seen just above the vote count. Click the arrow pointing down if you do not like the comment.
  3. Your vote is registered. If One Vote Per-User is enabled, you cannot vote on the same comment again. Otherwise, you may continue clicking on the voting arrows.

    The vote count that appears between the voting arrows updates each time you register your vote, and reflects the score for this comment; up votes increase the score, whereas down votes reduce the score and can make it negative.

[Note] Voting Must Be Enabled

Allow Voting must be enabled for the content entry before any votes may be registered. Please refer to Section 8.3, “Comment Configuration”.

Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814