3.8. Conflict Notifications

If you are editing a content entry and someone else saves a change to the same entry, or deletes the entry, a conflict could occur. If you then save your changes, you could be undoing important changes made by the other user. Perforce Chronicle provides basic conflict notification when these situations occur.

Chronicle checks periodically to see if any changes have been made to the content entry you are editing. If a change has been made, a notification appears informing you which user made the change:

If you click the link, a Diff dialog appears so you can see what changes were made. Please refer to Section 3.7.3, “How to View Differences” for more details.

Sometimes the interval between changes being saved amongst users is so small that you may not see the conflict notification. When this occurs, a Save Conflict dialog appears.

The dialog reports which user made the change, and also allows you to see what changes were made. You can click Overwrite to replace the other user's changes with your own, or Cancel to continue editing.

How you deal with such conflicts is up to you. You may wish to:

Since Chronicle keeps track of every change, even if you overwrite another user's changes, they are not lost. A future version of Chronicle will make it easier to combine changes.

Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814