3.9. Content URLs

As you create content, Perforce Chronicle automatically generates a unique URL for each entry based on its title. If the title is subsequently changed, the entry's URL is also updated; the original URL continues to work, but becomes available for re-use.

If the default URL is undesirable, you can customize it while editing the content entry (see steps below). There are no restrictions on the characters used to create a custom URL, but be aware that some special characters may be encoded.

[Note] URLs Must Be Unique

Chronicle's automatically generated URLs are always unique. When you customize a URL, you must avoid collisions with other custom URLs and built-in URLs such as /user/login.

To customize a content entry URL:

  1. Navigate to the content entry, and begin editing:
    1. Navigate to the content by using links or menus provided by the site.
    2. Click Content in the Perforce Chronicle toolbar.

      The Manage Content screen is displayed.
      Scroll through the available content to locate the content entry you wish to edit, then click on the entry's title to display it.
  2. Click Edit in the Chronicle toolbar to begin editing.
  3. Click URL.
    The URL tooltip dialog is displayed. The dialog shows your site's primary URL followed by the portion that represents the current content entry. When Use Title for URL is selected, the input field is disabled.
  4. Click Custom. The input field becomes active.
    Enter the custom URL that represents the current content entry.
  5. Click Save.
    Your revised content is saved, and editing ends.
Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814