3.2. Managing Content

The Manage Content screen is where most content management tasks are performed. This section provides a summary of its features. Hover your mouse over each of the numbered callouts to highlight the associated area of the screen.


Filter by Content Type: Click on one or more checkboxes to filter the list of content to entries of the selected types. When no checkboxes are checked, content of all types is included.


Filter by Workflow State: Click on one of the radio buttons to filter the list of content to entries matching the workflow state selection.


Filter by Deleted Status: Click on one of the radio buttons to filter the list of content to entries matching the deleted status selection.


Sort Content: Click on one of the columns to sort the content by that column's details, click again to change the sort direction (an indicator arrow appears). The Actions and Workflow columns are not sortable.


View by Title Click: Click on one of the content titles to view that content entry. If you hover your mouse over a title, a tooltip appears presenting the content's excerpt.


Actions Drop-down Menu: Click on one of the drop-down menus in the Actions column to see and use actions available for each entry, including View, Edit, and Delete.


Lazy-load Scrollbar: When there are many more content entries than can fit on-screen, only enough entries are retrieved to fill the display. When you use the scrollbar, additional entries are fetched. This means that scrolling might appear to be slightly slower than you might expect, but it allows filtering, sorting and initial display to be much faster when you have hundreds or thousands of content entries.


Buttons: The buttons at the bottom right provide the ability to add a new content entry, bulk delete selected entries, or bulk change the workflow state of selected entries. The buttons for bulk operations are be disabled until one or more entries are selected by clicking on the desired rows in the grid.

Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814