Chapter 17. User Management

17.1. Overview
17.2. Managing Users
17.3. Managing Roles
17.4. Managing Permissions

17.1. Overview

This chapter covers the management aspects of users, roles, and permissions.

A user in Perforce Chronicle means a user account registered with the underlying Perforce server that stores all your site's content. User accounts allow people to login to your site to provide content or perform other actions.

The actions users may perform are dictated by the roles assigned to them. By default, each created user account is assigned the member role, which permits the user to access and create content. Assigning additional roles to a user adds to the actions the user may perform.

Permissions describe the privileges, which are provided by resources such as modules, that each role can bestow upon a user.

[Note] What Happens When a User is Deleted?

When a user account is deleted, the user account registered with the underlying Perforce server is removed, along with any roles assigned to the user. None of the content entries created or owned by the user, nor any other records, are removed or changed in any way.

If a user is subsequently created with the same userid, and is assigned the same roles, the user regains access to all previously created content with that userid.

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