Chapter 2. Getting Started

2.1. Installation & Configuration
2.2. Working with Chronicle

2.1. Installation & Configuration

To run Perforce Chronicle on your local machine, you must install a local web server and PHP. (A simple solution for Linux is the LAMP software suite.)

2.1.1. System requirements

  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled
  • PHP 5.3

To install Chronicle, you should already have downloaded the installation archive. Unpack the archive in your local web server root (for example, /var/www/). After the files are extracted, follow the steps in the INSTALL.TXT file.

2.1.2. To run Chronicle and configure your first web site

  1. Use your browser to visit the location where Chronicle is installed. The Setup welcome screen is displayed.
  2. Click Start Setup. Chronicle performs a series of checks to verify that your system is properly configured and then displays the Setup Requirements screen.

    If any problems are reported, a Check again button appears; remedy the problems, and then click the button to check your configuration again. (You might be required to create a data directory, a writable folder that is required to store Chronicle files and the local Perforce server.)

  3. When all requirements are met, click Continue. Chronicle displays the Setup Site Storage screen.
    When prompted to choose the Perforce Server options, choose Automatically create a Perforce depot. This option launches the Perforce server on your web server.
    [Note] If you choose an existing Perforce Server

    If you intend to store the site's content into an existing Perforce Server, please ensure the "chronicle" user does not already exist.

  4. Click Continue. Chronicle displays the Setup Administrator screen.
  5. Specify the user name, email address, and password for the Chronicle administrator and click Continue. Chronicle displays the Setup Site screen.
  6. The Site Name is a label for your site's configuration. The Description is an optional summary of your site. The Site Address is a list of host names that Chronicle will respond to for your site. Reasonable values are presented by default, but you will need to ensure that your web server configuration supports any addresses you supply here.

    Click Create Site. Chronicle displays the Setup Summary screen, containing a summary of the site information.

  7. Click View Site. Chronicle displays your freshly created site.
  8. Click Login
    and login as "admin," entering the password you created in step 5.
    Chronicle displays the Management toolbar and a notification indicating a successful login.

Congratulations! You're ready to start creating a web site. The following sections provide an overview of working with Chronicle and tell you how to create content and a few basic web pages that display the content.

Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814