1.2. Release Notes

1.2.1. Major New Functionality in 2012.2/486814

Server-side Image Scaling & Transformation
#456677, #458080, #463840, #466742, #472180, #472368, #472594, #472604
Server-side scaling/transformation of images: Images can be transformed on the server before sending to the browser. Images served by the Content module's image action can be resized via request parameters. Both of these features require an installed PHP image library extension, such as Gd or Imagick.
IDE Optional Module
#449407 (Bug #55378)
IDE optional module to interactively edit themes and modules through the application. This allows appropriately privileged users to modify a theme or module from their browser and see the result right away.

1.2.2. Minor New Functionality in 2012.2/486814

WYSIWYG Editor Paste Handling
#468090, #468340, #473924 (Bug #40442)
Added ability to toggle the Editor's paste mode between Plain Paste and Standard Paste. The Standard Paste now also cleans up MS Word paste content.
WYSIWYG Editor's Link Plugin Title Handling
#459562, #465239 (Bug #50935)
You can specify whether you want to use a piece of content's title as its displayed text when creating a link in the WYSIWYG Editor using the Link Dialog.

1.2.3. Bug Fixes in 2012.2/486814

  • #483003 (Bug #56491)
    The 'Branch From' dropdown on the 'Add Branch' dialog form was populated with branches from the wrong site.
  • #482522 (Bug #57096)
    If the 'iconv' PHP extension was not installed and enabled, a fatal error would occur on the Check Requirements page.
  • #482463 (Bug #57178)
    Using IE7/IE8, when opening content editing tooltips for the first time, clicking again in the tooltip would cause the tooltip to lose its content.
  • #481747 (Bug #57141)
    The lightbox underlay would sometimes darken the screen beyond the desired opacity.
  • #476994 (Bug #56489)
    The Manage Sites and Branches datagrid would not apply the filter on first load.
  • #474397 (Bug #57217)
    In the editor, <span> tags appeared when users did not intend to make style changes.
  • #474349 (Bug #52007)
    Attempting to upload a file that was too large would display an erroneous error message that did not indicate the real problem.
  • #474326 (Bug #56503)
    In-place editing area would not expand if pasting using the context menu.
  • #474097 (Bug #56501)
    Firefox displayed extra space between the two rows of editor toolbar buttons.
  • #473728 (Bug #55888)
    A branch could not be created if it was previously deleted.
  • #472546 (Bug #56413)
    Within an image widget, viewing the image itself in another browser tab/window would result in the image being downloaded instead of displayed.
  • #470700 (Bug #44089)
    The Mangement Toolbar's Sub-Toolbar became unusable if the browser was too small which made it difficult to reach important buttons like content save.
  • #469822, #472175, #473126 (Bugs #56334, #56434, #56380)
    A number of bugs existed in the WYSIWYG Editor that were causing usability issues.
  • #462848 (Bug #55854)
    First-time visitors could have been shown a notification that they had been logged out due to an incorrect caching of the page.
  • #465794 (Bug #56098)
    The WYSIWYG Editor in Source Mode was not growing taller when new lines were added.
  • #463723 (Bug #55910)
    Page could freeze if entering edit mode on a page that had any content.Element with display inline.
  • #463056 (Bug #56007)
    The figlet CAPTCHA of the Comments module was preventing proper page caching.
  • #465344 (Bug #54890)
    Any Popup anchored to an element within a grid was not scrolling with the grid.
  • #462884 (Bug #56008)
    Images would not be served from cache if there were unexpected session values.
  • #462100 (Bug #55977)
    The WYSIWYG toolbar could appear in the top left while using the editor.
  • #460007 (Bug #53775)
    Changing focus from the current browser tab to another tab or window was causing the WYSIWYG Editor to close.
  • #459439 (Bug #55860)
    In IE9, selected text did not appear in the link dialog's description field.
  • #458006 (Bug #55714)
    Using the Link Dialog in the WYSIWYG editor on existing links didn't successfully update those links in FF or IE browsers.
  • #456628 (Bug #55592)
    Dragging and Dropping rows in the Management Grids would use up all browser resources after row count exceeded 100 rows.
  • #456406 (Bug #55469)
    The module cache was not being cleared correctly. This could prevent newly installed modules from appearing in the module list.
  • #455965 (Bug #55318)
    Accessing the WYSIWYG editor with IE9 would cause any images with a custom size to stop displaying.
  • #451565 (Bug #55551)
    Rapidly clicking in and out of the in-place editor can result in the editor's toolbar being open, but the editor itself isn't editable/visible.
  • #450286 (Bug #55295)
    IE was throwing console errors if you navigated away from a page after having opened a dialog that used a spinner.
  • #407572 (Bug #51428)
    The management toolbar was being written to the end of the DOM which placed it in last tab order instead of the first.
Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814