6.2. Managing Menus

The Manage Menus screen is where most menu management tasks are performed. This section provides a summary of its features. Hover your mouse over each of the numbered callouts to highlight the associated area of the screen.

6.2.1. Dragging Menu Items to Manage Position

In addition to being able to manage a menu item's position through the Edit Menu Item dialog, a menu item row in the Manage Menus screen can be dragged onto and between other menu items.

When a menu item is dragged on top of another menu or menu item, the item beneath is highlighted. Note that you cannot drag the top-level menus.

If you release the dragged menu item here, it becomes nested within the highlighted menu/menu item.

When a menu item is dragged between two menus or menu items, a thin marker, or "drop line", appears, indicating the target location.

If you release the dragged menu item here, it is moved to this location. If the location is between two rows of different depths, the menu item is moved to the depth closest to its pre-drag depth.

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