Chapter 6. Navigation

6.1. Overview
6.2. Managing Menus
6.3. Adding Menus
6.4. Editing Menus
6.5. Deleting Menus
6.6. Adding Menu Items
6.7. Editing Menu Items
6.8. Deleting Menu Items
6.9. Categories Overview
6.10. Managing Categories
6.11. Adding Categories
6.12. Editing Categories
6.13. Deleting Categories

6.1. Overview

Navigation through a Perforce Chronicle site is primarily handled by menus. A menu is a nested hierarchy of links to content and other resources. Menus can contain several different kinds of items:

An action item is a link generated by the system representing features provided by Chronicle, such as links to the Management pages, the Home page, Search interface.
A link to a content entry managed by Chronicle.
A heading within a menu is just a label; clicking on it does nothing. It is primarily used to identify a group of menu items, but could also be used to provide some visual separation between menu items.
A link item is a labelled URL to another web page, either within your site or elsewhere.
A dynamic menu item represents a list of items that is created for each page view. Modules can provide their own dynamic menu items, but Chronicle provides the following:
  • Active User's Profile - this menu item provides a link to the profile for the current user, if the user is logged in, or no item at all if the user is not logged in.
  • Category Listing - this menu item provides a list of the current categories. It is possible to select a starting point within a category's hierarchy and to limit the number of entries presented.
  • Content Listing - this menu item provides a list of the current content.
  • Login/Logout - this menu item presents a Login form if the user has not yet logged in, or a link to logout the user when they are logged in.

6.1.1. Default Menus

Chronicle provides several menus by default:

As its name indicates, this is a menu that intended to appear on most of your site's pages. The themes provided with Chronicle use this menu to provide the navigation links appearing at the top of all pages.
This menu is intended to be used within pages including a sidebar. Its default configuration causes it to display categories.
This menu is intended to be used at the bottom of pages. This menu contains a subset of the items in the Primary menu by default.
Many sites provide a sitemap, which is an overview of all the content provided. It assists users to find content that might not be easy to locate when they are unfamiliar with your site. Search engines also request a sitemap file to assist in their site indexing processes. Chronicle automatically generates the sitemap.xml file, and provides a page that presents the contents of the Sitemap menu. Much of the content you create for your site should be included in this menu, although you may include or exclude any content to match your site's navigation needs.
Management Toolbar
This menu populates the management toolbar, the primary interface to management operations in Chronicle. During content editing, this menu is not exposed. It is available for editing on the Manage Content, but should normally be left alone.
Management Footer
This menu provides the navigation appearing in the footer of Chronicle management pages.
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