6.9. Categories Overview

Categories enable you to group related content to help users navigate your web site. For example, if your site contains a large number of press releases, you can create categories like "News," "Sports," "Science," and so on, to enable users to list only items of interest. To display a list of categories for your web site users, add a Menu widget and select the Categories Listing menu. A content item can be assigned to any number of categories — there's no maximum.

You can create hierarchies of categories by defining parent categories. These hierarchies are appropriately indented when displayed, to help users navigate.

To assign content to a category:

  1. Navigate to the content entry of interest.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Categories.
    A tooltip dialog appears listing the available categories, and provides a way to add a new category.
  4. Check the categories that the content entry should be assigned to.
  5. Click Save. Your content is saved along with the new category assignments.
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