9.7. Pulling Changes

To pull changed items from a branch into the active branch:

  1. Click the "active branch" indicator in the Perforce Chronicle toolbar.
    The branch popup menu appears:
  2. Hover or click the mouse over Pull From to display a secondary popup-menu displaying a list of branches from which changes may be pulled:
  3. In the secondary popup menu, click the branch from which you to wish pull. The Pull dialog appears:
  4. Choose the branch to pull from, the mode to use, and check the items you wish to pull. See Section 9.7.2, “Pull Modes” for more details.
  5. Click Pull to pull the selected items from the specified branch into the active branch.

9.7.1. Pull Conflicts

If an item has been modified, both in the branch you are pulling from and the branch you are pulling into, this is a conflict. Chronicle identifies conflicting items, so you can investigate them prior to pulling changes. Click on the linked number in the "quantity" column to display a tooltip identifying the conflicting items.

If you choose to pull items that are in conflict, those items in the active branch will be overwritten.

Menus receive some special treatment: if the same menu is modified in both branches, the changes are combined automatically. However, if the same menu item is modified in both branches, the menu item in the branch you are pulling from will overwrite the menu item in the branch you are pulling into.

9.7.2. Pull Modes

Changes can be pulled from a branch in one of two modes:

This mode identifies changes in the source branch that need to be copied into the active branch. Items in the active branch that conflict with the source branch will be overwritten, but non-conflicting items remain intact.
This mode makes the active branch identical to the source branch.
As you can see, more items are flagged as conflicting in clone mode.
Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814