Chapter 9. Branches

9.1. Overview
9.2. Managing Sites and Branches
9.3. Adding a Branch
9.4. Editing a Branch
9.5. Deleting a Branch
9.6. Viewing a Branch
9.7. Pulling Changes

9.1. Overview

A branch is a copy of all of your web site's configuration, content, categories, menus, etc. Initially, Perforce Chronicle installs a Live branch, which your users see when they visit your site. When a new branch is created, it is initially identical to the source branch it was branched from. You can then make changes in the new branch to some or all of your content without exposing your work in progress to your users. When you are ready, you can pull your changes into the source branch.

You can use branches for small tasks, such as fixing typos, or larger tasks such as updating many content entries at once, or even wholesale restructuring of your content. Branches can be hierarchical. You might create a branch for the task of rolling out a new product line, and then create several child branches dedicated to specific content areas such as product descriptions, press releases, and support.

[Note] The Live Branch is Special

The Live branch's configuration can be edited, but it cannot have a parent branch, and it cannot be deleted.

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