Chapter 19. Installation Management

19.1. Applying Themes
19.2. Adding and Removing Themes
19.3. Enabling and Disabling Modules
19.4. Adding and Removing Modules
19.5. IDE Module
19.6. Backup
19.7. Restore

19.1. Applying Themes

Themes enable you to change the appearance of your web site. For each web site, one theme can be in effect. If you are managing multiple sites using Perforce Chronicle, each site can use its own theme.

To apply a theme to the web site you are editing:

  1. Choose Manage > Themes. The Manage Themes screen is displayed, listing available themes.
  2. To apply a theme to the site, click Apply and confirm. The selected theme is applied.
  3. To view your web site's appearance with the new theme, click Back to Website.
Perforce Chronicle - Release: 2012.2/486814