Chapter 7. Widgets

7.1. Overview
7.2. Adding Widgets to Regions
7.3. Configuring Widgets
7.4. Removing Widgets from a Region
7.5. Using Macros with Widgets

7.1. Overview

Widgets are like mini-applications that you can embed in Web pages. Perforce Chronicle comes with a set of default widgets, and you can add your own widgets to this set. Widgets are displayed in a dedicated region specified by the current theme, and you can configure the order (top to bottom) in which they are displayed.

Widgets are provided by modules. To add or remove widgets from Chronicle you need to have appropriate privileges in the application as well as access to the filesystem where modules are stored. Please see Section 19.4, “Adding and Removing Modules” for more details.

Chronicle ships with the following widgets:

Associated Categories
The Associated Categories widget is designed to display any categories associated with the currently displayed content entry. Each displayed category is linked so that users can discover additional content in each category.
Image Widget
The Image Widget allows you to display an image; either one that has already been added to Chronicle, or from a remote web site.
Menu Widget
The Menu Widget allows you to display a menu, or a subset of a menu. You can choose the menu, the starting point within its hierarchy, limit the depth of entries to be displayed, and limit the total number of entries.
Recent Content
The Recent Content widget lists the most recently created or modified content entries, up to a limit you specify.
Search Widget
The Search Widget provides a search interface so that users can locate content entries based on the text they contain.
Text Widget
The Text Widget allows you to place arbitrary text on a page.
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